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We can help you from day one by looking at your cash flow position, which is one of the most important factors for any new business; by helping you to find the best cloud-based bookkeeping system for your business and by discussing your options for the best tax savings available.

Business Structure

Are you going to launch your business as a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation? Before you choose your business entity the following should be considered:

  • commercial risks
  • expected profitability
  • financing
  • use of vehicle for business purposes
  • tax planning preparation
  • Business Planning

Have you set out your business objectives in writing? Can you demonstrate qualified experience in the type of business that you want to launch? How are you going to finance the business? What are your expectations for sales, profitability and investment in assets? Have you consolidated all this information in a formal business plan?

Even if you don’t want to borrow money, a good business plan will help you to understand your current position and give you a good indication of your future possibilities. At TaxAssist Advisors, we know that a good business plan is imperative to your business, especially given the current economic climate.

Bank Financing

Identify your 'friendly bank manager'. As this can be one of the most important contacts for your business it’s crucial that you’re well prepared for that critical first meeting. At TaxAssist Advisors, we are able to help you prepare for your first and subsequent meetings.

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*Our network of TaxAssist Advisors is made up of independently owned and operated franchised locations. While many are, not all locations are operated by CPA members and some of the services listed here may not be offered by practices which are not operated by a CPA. Please call us on 888-547-9295 and we will connect you with the nearest office to you.

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We clearly explain the support available to you and are happy to act as business advisors in order to help you grow your business.

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Running your own business can be challenging so why not let TaxAssist Advisors manage your tax, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll needs? If you are not receiving the service you deserve from your accountant, then perhaps it’s time to make the switch?

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We specialize in supporting independent businesses. Each TaxAssist Advisor runs their own business, and are passionate about supporting you.

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We enjoy talking to business owners and self-employed professionals who are looking to get the most out of their accounting firm. You can visit us at any of our locations, meet with us online through video call software, or talk to us by telephone.

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Switching is simple

Changing accounting firm is easier than you might think. There are no tax implications and you can switch at any time in the year and our team will guide you through the process for a smooth transition.

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