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Start Ups

We welcome people who are about to start in business, or those with new businesses, to come and talk to us

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Sole Proprietors

We offer a number of accounting solutions to assist you as a sole proprietor. Although being a sole proprietor is one of the simplest ways to get started in business, there are many processes that nee...

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Whether you are venturing into a new partnership or are already established, at TaxAssist Advisors, we can help your partnership business with all of your tax and accounting needs

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Limited Liability Companies

Take advantage of the most beneficial arrangements available to you.

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If you are a corporation, you may not be taking full advantage of all the tax benefits available to your business

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Selling Your Business

Are you thinking about selling your business?

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Self-employed Individuals

The IRS requires self-employed individuals to pay quarterly estimated tax.

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See how TaxAssist Advisors can help you with a free, no obligation consultation

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